About Me

I have majored in urban planning, and I hold a master's degree from a well-known university called Qazvin Azad University.I am also very involved in sports, tourism, art, and music, so I play the guitar and setar, an Iranian instrument, along with my lessons and work.

Basic Info
  • Date of birth:

    28 September 1994 Tehran

  • Phone No:

    + (98) 9374940197

  • Email: mosiparpanchi@gmail.com
  • Address:

    Karaj - Alborz - Iran

My Skills

Skills that I have acquired, either in the field of information and class or in the field of work, I have been able to work with the cooperation and help of teammates.


For master's degree plans and spatial drawings of urban areas.


I used this software to design old neighborhoods and recreate them in a new form—plus, template design for SketchUp software.

city engine

Actually, I have been engrossed in this application newly; this is in my progress.

Sketch up

I used it for undergraduate designs. For example, to design a part of the city with a social justice approach.

Python programming language

I'm moderate and it's in progress

My Portfolio

Work Experiences

Urban planning consultant

Jan 2018- May 2018 (Gozar andisheh consulting Eng.)

Examining the development process of the northern neighborhoods of Qazvin city

Urban planning consultant

Jun 2019- Feb 2020 (Gozar andisheh consulting Eng.)

Analysis and forecasting of the transformation of the three cities of Qazvin-Karaj-Tehran into mega-city-its problems and difficulties-creating green belts around this ring-traffic and transportation - In general, express a plan for this megacity.

Smart Urban Development Consultan

Nov 2019 - Apr 2020 Borjano project(tehran)

Provide suggestions on the type of activity-Enter artificial intelligence using the Internet of Things-Collaborate with the AI team on all project activities

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